Fraudsters see financial services institutions as the perfect opportunity to make bank.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let them get away with it.
Spider AF identifies click fraud, blocks it at the source, and saves your institution from wasting money on invalid clicks.

Click fraud is wreaking havoc on banks.

Juniper Research forecasts that the total advertising spend lost to fraud will reach

$68 Billion

by the end of 2022!

If your institution is spending money on…
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…then fraudsters are actively
targeting your campaigns at this very moment.

You could be wasting up to 40% of your budget.

And when you’re spending at scale, every single percentage point counts.

Here’s how click fraud happens.

Scammers generate useless clicks

designed to mimic real users and drain your ad spend.

Bots farms target your ads from other countries

often managing to successfully get around your geo-targeting criteria.

Malicious actors fake leads and conversions

making you think your campaigns are working when in reality, they’re not.

Does that sound troubling?

It certainly should. Every single click that doesn’t come from a real visitor means cold, hard cash that’s going directly from your company into a scammer’s pocket.

Fraudsters target financial institutions because they often have large budgets, which means plenty of opportunities to skim off the top.

But just because it’s happening doesn’t mean you can’t fight back.

Meet Spider AF, Japan’s leading anti-fraud solution.

Our software acts like a 24/7 bodyguard for your ad campaigns.

By placing a tag on your website, Spider AF runs in the background and blocks any incoming traffic it deems to be invalid or fraudulent.

We don’t just detect fraud: we cut it out before it does any damage.

Plenty of solutions are able to tell what’s fraudulent and what’s legit after the fact. Spider AF goes one step further, though, and proactively steps in to eliminate fraudulent clicks before they get the chance to drain your budget.

From click farms and bots to fake leads and conversions, we’ve got you covered from every angle.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions was designed to provide a one-stop-shop for banking and financial institutions to finally take back control over their paid marketing efforts.

Invalid Click Blocker

Eliminate clicks from bots and farms before you spend any money on acquiring them.

Ad Location Optimizer

Get rid of traffic from the wrong parts of the world and focus your spend on your true ideal customer.

Lead Qualifier

Say goodbye to wasting time sorting through junk leads by pre-qualifying them on autopilot.

Bounce Rate Reducer

Stop malicious visitors from visiting your landing page and bouncing away immediately.

The results our customers experience
speak for themselves.

Mr. Nagata profile pic
Mr. Nagata
Operations Manager @ Adstir
“We found that 90% of all our app installations were fraudulent…and from just the free trial results, it became obvious that Spider AF was great for fraud detection.”
Mr Kondo profile pic
Mr. Kondo
Head of Production @ Drecom
“We discovered that 55% of our monthly budget, about 6 million yen, was being used on fraud…with Spider AF, we were able to reinvest this budget into advertising and other cost-effective media.”
Mr. Sakai profile pic
Mr. Sakai
Head of Marketing @ Bead
“We were initially impressed with how simple it was to set up tags on the free demo…plus, we saw improvements in our ROAS and a 30% improvement in our CPA.”

Don’t let the fraudsters get the upper hand over your institution.

See for yourself just how effective Spider AF really is.
Request a demo or get started with a free trial.