Meet the Visionary Leaders
Driving Ad Fraud Prevention at Spider AF

Empowering Spider AF's Mission: Eliminating Ad Fraud in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Head of Business Operations
Head of Product Development

Spider AF was born with one single goal:
to create a safer and happier future for the digital advertising industry

Our Mission

at Spider AF is to create a safer and happier future for the digital advertising industry through automation. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that combat ad fraud and protect our customers' marketing budgets, ensuring their investments are used wisely and effectively.

Our Vision

is to be the leading anti-fraud company, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. We strive to empower our customers with innovative tools and technologies that optimize their ad performance, eliminate fraudulent or malicious sources, and create a trusted and transparent digital advertising ecosystem. Together, we can build a brighter future for digital marketing.

The seven core work values
that drive everything we do


We take ownership of our work and results. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and we are accountable for delivering on our commitments. We take pride in our work and are proactive in finding solutions and taking initiative to drive success.



We believe in delivering results quickly and efficiently. We are agile and proactive in our approach, constantly striving to stay ahead of the fraudsters and provide our customers with fast and effective solutions.



We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. We are not afraid to push boundaries, question the status quo, and find creative solutions to complex problems. We thrive on overcoming challenges and continuously improving our products and services.


Customer Centric

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to understanding their needs, providing exceptional service, and building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual success. We go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations and ensure their satisfaction.



We are dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of our work. We set high standards for ourselves and strive for continuous improvement in our processes, technology, and expertise. We take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable for delivering exceptional results.



We operate with the highest level of integrity in all our interactions, both internally and externally. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in our actions, and we always uphold the values of fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness. We act with integrity in everything we do.



We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. We work together as a cohesive unit, leveraging each other's strengths and expertise to achieve our common goals. We celebrate diversity, encourage open communication, and foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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