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Ad Fraud protection on all platforms.

Align sales and marketing teams by providing only the highest quality leads.

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Finally win that argument with sales

Stop putting effort into bots and invalid leads who will never turn into paying customers. Finally, align your marketing & sales team.

Safe Domain Placement: A Marketing Must-Have.

Outwit the competition with safe domain placement and reliable websites in your marketing arsenal. Let Spider AF be your marketing's bodyguard. Keep your campaigns safe and secure, and your reputation spotless.

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Don't Get Geo-Fooled: Protect Your Ad Budget with Spider AF

Don't be a geo-fool! Protect your ad budget from the sneaky scammers trying to swipe your hard-earned marketing dollars. Outwit the cheats with a little bit of savvy geo-location strategy. Say goodbye to fake locations and hello to real results. Get your campaign on the map and watch the ROI soar.

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Don't just take our word for it - hear what our happy customers have to say about the impact Spider AF has had on their advertising efforts. Our satisfied customers have been raving about the results they've seen, and we'd love to share some of their Case Studies with you.Try it out for yourself and see the results!

Discover how ad fraud is affecting your online campaigns.

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