Wondering why your leads aren’t converting? It’s not you, it’s click fraud.

Stop your sales team from complaining about poor quality leads. Fight back with a 14-day free trial for Spider AF today.

Working in tech marketing means analyzing so many different metrics and funnels…

You know who to target, and you know how to structure campaigns. But that doesn’t stop fraudsters from targeting your ads and eating away at your budget, every single day.

If you’re spending more than $10k USD per month on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google or Facebook, then click fraud is draining your budget.

Your budget is being redirected from real users and wasted on
fake or invalid clicks and conversions that are never going to lead anywhere.
Wondering how? Well, does any of this sound familiar?

Useless leads full of incomplete info or phone numbers that don’t connect

Resulting in your sales team constantly complaining about lead quality.

Traffic coming from countries you’re not even targeting

Especially if you’re trying to focus on Western countries but you’re getting clicks  and views from the other half of the world.

High bounce rates that just won’t go down

Even when you try to improve your content and ad quality scores.

You increase your ad budget but “Conversions” don’t improve, sometimes they even drop

Making it difficult to tell what’s really going on and how well your campaigns are performing.

Up to 40% of your ad spend is being wasted on fraud.

When almost half of every dollar you spend gets stolen, can you really afford not to fight back?

Here’s how Spider AF helps B2B SaaS marketers like you fight click fraud.

It’s the only solution you’ll ever need for
taking back control of your B2B marketing campaigns.

We work with every major platform, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You’re already marketing across a variety of different channels, so why should you settle for a click fraud solution that can’t cover you on every single one?

Spider AF fights fraud everywhere you’re advertising. From LinkedIn to Facebook, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

We don’t just detect click fraud. We block it before it can drain your budget.

By cutting out invalid clicks, fake traffic, and garbage leads, Spider AF keeps your campaigns from being afflicted by fraud, allowing you to redirect your budget towards real users.

Waste less money, get better results. What’s not to love?

We let you try before you buy for a full 14 days, with no payment details required.

Spider AF’s free trial gives you 14 days access to our solution without paying a single cent.

Sign up and start checking for click fraud right away. You don’t even need to input your payment details to get access.

A comprehensive suite of products,
designed to fight fraud from every angle.

Invalid Click Blocker

Eliminate clicks from bots and farms before you spend any money on acquiring them.

Ad Location Optimizer

Get rid of traffic from the wrong parts of the world and focus your spend on your true ideal customer.

Lead Qualifier

Say goodbye to wasting time sorting through junk leads by pre-qualifying them on autopilot.

Bounce Rate Reducer

Stop malicious visitors from visiting your landing page and bouncing away immediately.

Straight from the source: what
current Spider AF users think of us.

Mr. Nagata profile pic
Mr. Nagata
Operations Manager @ Adstir
“We found that 90% of all our app installations were fraudulent…and from just the free trial results, it became obvious that Spider AF was great for fraud detection.”
Mr Kondo profile pic
Mr. Kondo
Head of Production @ Drecom
“We discovered that 55% of our monthly budget, about 6 million yen, was being used on fraud…with Spider AF, we were able to reinvest this budget into advertising and other cost-effective media.”
Mr. Sakai profile pic
Mr. Sakai
Head of Marketing @ Bead
“We were initially impressed with how simple it was to set up tags on the free demo…plus, we saw improvements in our ROAS and a 30% improvement in our CPA.”

Still not convinced? Run a test with Spider AF and see how much click fraud is impacting your current campaigns in minutes.