How Ad Fraud Prevention Boosted ROAS by 228% and CVR by 217%

Starcraft is a prominent web media operator that specializes in providing comparison-based information to assist users in selecting products or services.
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As the company expanded its web media business and advertising expenses grew, concerns about ad fraud began to arise. To address this issue, Starcraft sought an ad fraud countermeasure that could improve its return on ad spend (ROAS) by 228% and conversion rate (CVR) by 217%.


Starcraft operates multiple web media platforms across various categories such as finance, human resources, cosmetics, and more. With the goal of enriching users' experiences by introducing products and services through their media, the company faced the challenge of effectively managing and allocating advertising expenses. Ad fraud became a growing concern, and they realized the need for a robust countermeasure to safeguard their advertising investments.

Why Spider AF

In their pursuit of enhancing advertising performance and mitigating ad fraud, Starcraft decided to switch to Spider AF as their preferred ad fraud countermeasure tool. They were attracted by Spider AF's comprehensive coverage across various media platforms and its affordability, with the option to start at a minimum cost of $300. Additionally, the ease of implementation and the reassurance of accurate reporting data played a significant role in their decision.


Starcraft implemented Spider AF's ad fraud countermeasure system, enabling them to effectively combat ad fraud and improve advertising performance. By leveraging Spider AF's wide range of supported media, they were able to allocate advertising expenses accurately and identify and block fraudulent activities. The seamless transition to Spider AF's platform required minimal effort, as they replaced the existing ad fraud countermeasure tool with Spider AF.


The introduction of Spider AF yielded remarkable results for Starcraft. They achieved significant improvements in key performance metrics, with a 228% improvement in ROAS and a 217% improvement in CVR. Spider AF's comprehensive ad fraud countermeasure system allowed Starcraft to protect their advertising budget while enhancing overall advertising performance. The ability to identify and block fraudulent activities also resulted in refunds for fraudulent advertising expenses, contributing to increased profitability.

What's Next

Starcraft intends to further capitalize on the benefits of Spider AF by expanding their web media business and launching new media platforms. The increased profitability resulting from ad fraud mitigation and improved advertising performance will be reinvested in customer acquisition, new genre exploration, and the creation of additional media platforms. By continuing to leverage Spider AF and its capabilities, Starcraft aims to accelerate their business growth and maintain a strong presence in the advertising industry.