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Don't let affiliate fraud drain your hard-earned revenue and compromise your business's integrity. Let SpiderAF equip you with the tools and expertise to combat fraudulent activities, safeguard your affiliate program and ensure fair, transparent results. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your affiliate business while reclaiming the profits you deserve.

The global problem targeting affiliate marketing

There are many ways fraudsters can steal your affiliate revenue. You're open to everything from cookie stuffing and IP spoofing to click injection and traffic diverting without solid protection in place.

To get the most from your affiliate marketing efforts, you must first understand how fraud damages your campaigns and what to look for. Only then can you put the right protection in place and benefit from its effects.

How fraud interferes with your affiliate campaigns

Fraud damages your reputation and directly steals your revenue from lost referrals and ad budget. But worse than this, it leads all your future marketing efforts in the wrong direction. If your data is contaminated with fraudulent users and invalid clicks, making optimizations from this information is only going to attract more of the same.

Here are a few of the common fraud methods used to thin out your ROI:

Stolen data or cards

using these to generate leads or sales

URL hijacking

choosing domains that are close to the company name or product to pick up a referral via redirect

Adware and spyware

downloading a programme that inserts an affiliate code automatically

Cookie stuffing

a way to profit if a user later makes an unrelated purchase

Blocking affiliate fraud
in real-time

Our platform is an easy yet powerful solution to a problem many advertisers aren’t even aware of. It’s backed by robust data sets and sophisticated algorithms.We have an arsenal of tools that we can automatically deploy to defend your affiliate campaigns on any channel they’re running on.

Key Benefits of Spider AF's Ad Fraud Solution:

Invalid Click Blocker

Stop invalid clicks at source instead of letting them steal your referral revenue

Lead Qualifier

Ensure that every single lead you generate is valid by prequalifying on autopilot

Ad Location Optimizer

Cut out affiliate fraudsters from around the world by blocking traffic from the wrong locations

Bounce Rate Reducer

Make fraudsters miserable by stopping them from artificially inflating bounce rates

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