Spider Labs Opens Anti-Fraud Services for Advertising Agencies

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Spider Labs’ Spider AF Platform Enables Advertising Agencies to Block Ads from Competitors, Click Farms, Malicious IPs, Unapproved Content and more.

Tokyo-based Spider Labs, Ltd., developer of Spider AF anti-advertising fraud software, has announced the launch of new services designed specifically for advertising agencies. Spider AF has been providing services to ad tech businesses and advertisers, but ad agencies have also wanted to confirm the quality of their digital advertisements and ensure transparency. Spider Labs has extended its service of Spider AF to Agencies and have added agency-specific features to cater to their needs.

Agency Features

In addition to the standard Spider AF features, it is now equipped with functions designed for advertising agencies to use.

  • Client management and dedicated account dashboards
    Issue accounts with limited viewing privileges to advertisers and media partners. View data on the same dashboard as clients to expedite the performance reporting process for smooth and transparent communication.
  • Filter and drill down on client data
    Analyze specific data on products such as Google, Facebook, and ad networks. Segment data for each client, and see detailed referral information.
  • OEM dashboard customization
    Apply your agency’s logo on the dashboard and customize the URL to create an original management dashboard.

Benefits of using Spider AF

  • Improved accuracy of ad fraud detection
    Spider Labs gives agencies more control over ads to boost ROI to an average of 20%. Block competitors, click farms, and malicious IPs, control the frequency of ad deliveries and blocking unwanted content such as adult, religious or political sites.
  • Increase Ad Performance and Budget
    By removing ad fraud, it is possible to deliver ads without wasting budget and time. As real and better-performing traffic comes in overtime, ROI will increase leading to greater budget allocation.
  • Transparent and Independently Verified

Spider AF is a highly transparent ad fraud countermeasure tool that monitors and detects ad fraud and is certified against ad fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

For more information, please contact Takahito Nagakura via sales@spider-labs.com or through Spider Labs’ website – https://spideraf.com

Voices of companies introducing

“Since complicated fraud surveys have been created much more efficiently and accurate results can be verified, this has led to high praise from our clients.”

Yuna Hirai, Group Leader, Marketing Technology Company, Digital Garage, Inc.

“We decided to introduce Spider AF due to the desire of the client to identify ad fraud that could not be detected by the fraud prevention tool of their MMP. Due to its excellent UI, it is often used by advertising agencies like ours. Spider AF, is an essential ad fraud countermeasure tool.”

Mr. Daisuke Hirose, President and CEO, LLC Co., Ltd.

Spider Labs is the first Asian vendor certified by the international Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Its clients include some of the biggest advertising agencies in Japan, including CyberZ Co., Ltd. and Digital Garage Co., Ltd. The company’s flagship product, Spider AF, has raised the bar on anti-fraud services with an automated AI-driven system that can detect a range of online advertising fraud techniques such as fake impressions, clicks, and conversions.

About Spider AF

Spider AF is an AI-equipped ad fraud tool specialized in automation and data visualization. Along with businesses involved with ad networks, Spider AF aims to be a tool applicable to a wide variety of users from agencies to advertisers. The goal of the Spider AF SHARED BLACKLIST is to build a safer digital advertising industry.