Maximise ad results, minus the click fraud.

Across search, social media, app ads, and beyond, our Click Fraud Protection Software ensures every ad dollar delivers real results.

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Click fraud protection across all platforms.

Easily integrate with top ad platforms like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Meta, and more, offering extensive coverage across channels, with custom ad networks and DSP integration.

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Secure Your Ads — Quick & Easy!

Defend against invalid traffic and ad fraud with Spider AF's real-time detection and blocking. Ensure genuine engagement and protect your campaigns with our Click Fraud Protection Software.

Verified Placements, Enhanced Performance.

Experience enhanced ad campaign performance with Spider AF's Ad Placements Solution. Our verified placements guarantee genuine user engagement, ensuring maximum ROI while eliminating ad fraud worries.

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Protect Your Budget with Geo Masking

You can ensure ads reach the right audience in the right places, preventing overpayment for fake leads. Only pay for genuine leads from your selected regions. Gain insights into top countries by clicks, unique IP analysis, and optimise resource allocation with our intuitive Click Fraud Protection dashboard.

Customer Stories — Unveiling Spider AF's Impact

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Discover the real impact of Spider AF's Click Fraud Protection through the stories of our satisfied customers. Dive into our Case Studies and explore how our solution has revolutionised their advertising efforts. Try it firsthand and witness the remarkable results!

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