Phybbit Partners with TMI Privacy & Security Consulting to Prosecute Ad Fraud

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TMI will Provide the Expertise Needed to Ensure Evidence Meets Legal Court Requirements.

Tokyo-based Phybbit, Ltd., developer of Spider AF anti-advertising fraud software, has joined forces with digital forensics experts TMI Privacy & Security to gather and preserve court-approved admissible evidence needed to prosecute ad fraud. According to Phybbit’s analysis of the Japanese market, out of 61 million mobile installs in the six months between July and December 2019, 9.96 million installs or approximately 16.3%, were found to be fraudulent, an estimated loss of $45.5 million USD to the advertising industry.

Phybbit will incorporate the legal evidential guidelines and parameters into the AI component of its unique Spider AF ad fraud countermeasure tool which automatically analyzes and scores site access, behavior, and other information by malicious operators to detect ad fraud. Spider AF now supports the gathering of evidence that advertisers can use to prove ad fraud in the court of law. This will allow Phybbit’s clients to quickly detect fraud, form a criminal complaint, and remediate ad fraud.

In our new partnership with TMI Privacy & Security, advertisers will be able to efficiently gather substantial evidence needed to successfully prosecute ad fraud criminals.”, said Phybbit, Ltd. Founder and CEO Satoko Ohtsuki. “Detection of ad fraud is only one part of the equation to stop it. With the support of TMI, we will be able to succeed in the other part, which is prosecution and deterrence.”

Besides serving its clients, Phybbit’s mission is to stop ad fraud across the entire industry. Part of its efforts includes a first-of-its-kind industry-wide list of fraudulent affiliates called SHARED BLACKLIST which is accessible by any major ad company to cooperatively reduce fraud. Phybbit recently became the first vendor in Japan and anywhere in Asia to be certified against fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). It also complies with the US-based Media Rating Council (MRC) guidelines.

About TMI Privacy & Security Consulting Co., Ltd.

TMI Privacy & Security Consulting Co., Ltd. combines the latest technology and knowledge of data utilization and security and combines legal and technical knowledge with legal services provided by TMI law firm. TMI Privacy & Security provides advanced services that respond flexibly to various security needs.

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