Spider AF Partners with AD EBiS to Promote Ad Verification

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Anti-ad fraud tool, Spider AF, has partnered up with advertising effectiveness measurement platform, AD Ebis by YRGLM Inc., to increase awareness of ad verification and to promote the health of the Internet advertising industry.

Spider Labs, Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Satoko Ohtsuki, hereinafter referred to as "Spider Labs") partners with AD EBiS by YRGLM Inc. (Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Susumu Iwata, hereinafter referred to as “AD EBiS”) to help promote ad verification.

Internet Advertising Market Issues

With the rapid development of the Internet advertising market and the oligopoly of platform operators, rules are being developed via competitive policy perspective for the development of a healthy and sound internet advertising market. Currently, there are numerous bots that are used on internet advertising. This may result in extraordinary losses in advertising revenue or potential damages towards a company’s brand image if their ads are placed on these fraud susceptible websites.

With this as a catalyst, attention has shifted in recent years towards ad verification, which controls the delivery of Internet advertisements distributed through DSPs and ad exchanges by confirming whether they are placed on sites that meet the advertiser's intentions and conditions.

In order to gain an understanding of the risks surrounding online ads, advertising effectiveness measurement platform, AD EBiS, in collaboration with Spider Labs and their anti-ad fraud tool, Spider AF, conducted a survey to investigate the occurrence of unauthorized access to companies using AD Ebis.

As a result, a certain number of unauthorized accesses were detected upon implementing measures such as exclusion settings, and AD EBiS expects that it is possible to optimize ad delivery and reduce advertising costs through this method.

With the results of the survey, AD EBiS has entered into a strategic partnership with Spider AF with the aim to further improve transparency and promote ad verification in the ad market. In the future, the companies will work together to develop new features that will contribute to maximizing the results of ad operations by providing and visualizing advertising data with a high degree of fairness and transparency.

Spider AF Free Trial Campaign

To celebrate our commitments towards promoting ad verification, Spider Labs will be offering a free one-month trial and 10% off the base fee for their anti-ad fraud tool, Spider AF, to the first 10 companies to inquire by August 31, 2021. For more information, please contact Takahito Nagakura via sales@spider-labs.com or through the Free Trial Signup Page https://spideraf.com/sign-up

About AD EBiS

AD EBiS is an advertising effectiveness measurement platform empowering decision-making with highly accurate data. The platform provides privacy-friendly measurements, analysis and activation of data that helps users discover the next steps in their marketing journey.

URL: https://www.ebis.ne.jp/

About Spider Labs, Ltd.

Spider Labs is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Japan that developed and offers the advanced anti-ad fraud prevention tool Spider AF. Spider AF is the first vendor in Japan and APAC to be Certified Against Ad Fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), and aims to provide the world’s most reliable ad fraud countermeasure tool. Under the vision of “Building a Safer and Happier future with Automation”, Spider Labs hopes to provide “Wow!” experiences to everyone.

URL: https://spider-labs.com/

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