Spider Labs CEO Satoko Ohtsuki Named Finalist for EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Japan 2021

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A Total of Six Japanese Women Entrepreneurs Selected will Present a Unique Business Plan at EY Award Ceremony December 16.

Satoko Ohtsuki, founder and CEO of Tokyo-based Spider Labs, Ltd. has been named a finalist in the 2021 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Japan competition. A global program founded in the United States in 2008, EY’s Entrepreneurial Winning Women program identifies women entrepreneurs running promising high-growth businesses and connects them to an elite business network and customized executive leadership program designed to help them think bigger and set bolder plans in motion. The six finalists representing Japan will each present a business plan at an award ceremony December 16 with one ultimately joining 13 other winners selected from multiple countries that will comprise EY’s Asia-Pacific Class of 2021.

Each EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women finalist will be required to demonstrate that her company is ready to scale and grow internationally. EY gives the founders ongoing access to the group’s vast resources, rich networks and know-how, helping to strengthen their abilities to become market leaders. At the same time, the program creates a vibrant global community of successful women entrepreneurs and inspiring peer role models. Historically, EY winners report more than 63% gain in company revenue compared to before joining the program.

Spider Labs is the developer of Spider AF, an advanced automated advertising fraud countermeasure that ensures digital advertisers reach their target audience instead of fraudulent bots, users and competitors. The automated Spider AF helps advertisers defend against account hijacking, prevent multiple account generation, mitigate unauthorized credit card usage, and points and affiliate reward abuse.

After earning a Master’s degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics from Tokyo Metropolitan University in 2011, Ms. Ohtsuki founded Phybbit, Ltd. (later renamed Spider Labs). In 2017 the company released its revolutionary ad fraud countermeasure tool “Spider AF.”

As a mother of three children, Ms. Ohtsuki personally recognizes the challenges of balancing a career and child rearing and has established unique family opportunities for all of Spider Labs employees. About half of the company’s male employees have taken childcare leave, about four times higher than the usual rate in Japan of 12.65%. The company office in Japan features a baby room for working mothers and it offers parents additional support funds for each childbirth as well as a monthly child allowance of 15,000 yen and a 50% babysitter subsidy. With an emphasis on diversity, 35% of full-time Spider Labs employees are foreign nationals, from countries such as Portugal, the United States, Argentina, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

In addition to Satoko Ohtsuki, other 2021 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Japan finalists include:
Miwako Ishido (President and CEO of AutoPhagyGO Co., Ltd.); Chiemi Kamakura (President, Agatha Inc.); Yayoi Michimura (CEO of HugCam Co., Ltd.); Keiko Yamakawa (CEO of Eveless Co., Ltd.); Rena Yamamoto (Representative Director, Hupro, Inc.).

About Spider Labs, Ltd.

Spider Labs is a cybersecurity company headquartered in Japan and is the developer of the advanced anti-ad fraud prevention tool Spider AF. Operating under the vision “Building a Safer and Happier Future with Automation.”, Spider Labs’ team of experts are working hard to help fight the ever-evolving issue of ad fraud. Founded on the belief that the company’s growth is supported by providing a workplace where employees can enjoy their profession and individuality, Spider Labs is committed to creating a "work-life integration" focused environment allowing autonomy to individuals by promoting more flexible work lifestyles.

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