How Marketing & Ad Agencies Benefit with Ad Fraud Prevention Tools

Each day, marketing and advertising agencies are faced with fierce competition from around the world. This is in addition to direct competition from clients who have found other alternatives — building an in-house marketing team, for instance. Yet, perhaps one of the most significant threats to agencies is advertising fraud.
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The threats of ad fraud are real. They go beyond cybercriminals looking to steal millions of dollars in click fraud to giant fraud rings attacking digital ad exchanges and stealing invaluable consumer data capable of taking down established businesses and forcing agencies to pay out millions in ransom.

In this article, we will cover ways marketing and advertising agencies can benefit from implementing ad fraud prevention tools. 

How Do Agencies Benefit from Implementing Ad Fraud Prevention Tools?

Increased ROI for clients 

As ad fraud increases, many clients have had to spend more to reach their marketing goals. Ad fraud and similar unethical practices are putting a financial squeeze on agencies and their clients, creating problems with ad quality, relationship building, and trust in the marketplace. 

Marketing and advertising agencies that have made the decisions to invest in ad fraud prevention tools were able to deliver higher ROI for their clients, resulting in a better relationship with their clients, and winning more contracts. 

Agency - Client liability management 

Another benefit to agencies implementing ad fraud prevention is the ability to use these solutions to protect their clients in any jurisdiction that might cause the clients to be liable for offenses or other misconduct committed online by third-party associated with their brands. 

By taking steps to implement an effective ad fraud prevention system, agencies are minimizing their clients’ potential risk to any legal action.

Proactive monitoring 

Agencies know that it is not enough to just run advertisements for brands. To get their clients a favorable ROAS, marketing and advertising agencies must strive to thwart fraud in all ad campaigns.

Agencies gain the ability to proactively monitor all their clients’ campaigns by installing ad fraud prevention systems. This isn’t always easy with the numerous clients most agencies run at a time. Regardless, agencies can save a lot of money by implementing the right prevention tools to detect fraud before they become dire, as opposed to relying on manual methods of addressing frauds that already took place.

Client loyalty 

Keeping clients updated on fraud prevention and fraud techniques is a key benefit to ad agencies that utilize ad fraud prevention tools. Some of these solutions even have a shared blacklist where brands come together and update each other on the efficient, ever-changing industry practices to combat fraud.

Signing up with an agency that has implemented an ad fraud prevention program for their clients provides a real advantage for brands over other agencies. Marketing and advertising agencies that go the extra mile to protect their clients from fraud are taking a stand for what’s right, and their clients will appreciate it with repeat business and loyalty.

Premium marketing package

Ad fraud prevention tools allow advertisers to get in-depth analytics that is nonexistent on most paid advertising platforms.

In addition, many of these advanced solutions allow for real-time monitoring of ads, providing further insights to improve the efficacy of the campaigns, and providing the client with an “echo” of what’s being seen and said about their advertising in their target market.

Agencies that leverage this and provide their clients with that granular reporting on campaigns can charge more compared to the competition, giving them an upper hand in the highly competitive industry.

Actionable results 

Measuring and managing real-time campaigns is the best way to ensure that all campaigns run smoothly and that clients are receiving exactly what they paid for.

With ad fraud prevention, agencies identify and address the root cause of ad fraud, ultimately reducing the risk of customers becoming dissatisfied. This also ensures the agency’s clients get the most out of every dollar spent — they can measure not just the result, but what they could have lost to fraud if not for the agency’s intervention.

Increase in referrals

Most businesses get really selective about the marketing and advertising agencies they entrust their ad operations with. It is a huge leap, understandably so, and it makes sense that most if not all B2B interactions take longer decision-making processes and are more intense than their B2C counterparts. 

This is why many businesses rely on word-of-mouth and referrals when it comes to signing up an agency. For those agencies that protect their current clients, stats have shown that they should expect to convert 87% of the businesses they got referred to, instead of only 42% if they were to initiate the same processes on their own. 

In other words, the better an agency can serve its current customers, the bigger the customer base can get. This can be attributed to serving ad fraud prevention, which gives advertising agencies the tools needed to both protect and deliver to their clients.

Becoming an industry leader

Serving as the agency of record is more than just increasing sales and profits. It is also about cultivating lifelong relationships with those the agencies are in business with and for.

Marketing and advertising agencies that are willing to invest in tools like fraud prevention are taking a stand against fraud and are already demonstrating that they have the capacity needed to rule any market: willingness to learn and adapt, integrity, and a passion for quality service.


Advertising agencies must integrate fraud prevention technologies to detect and eliminate the widespread fraud affecting the businesses of their clients. Through the integration of artificial intelligence, cross-channel tracking, and other technologies, fraud detection and prevention systems allow agencies to provide better customer service to clients.

We all need to work together to stop ad fraud from harming the reputation of businesses and their financial well-being. Advertising agencies are well-positioned to help the industry reach there. Now is the time to act.

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