「Before And After Measures Are Important」How does Mynet use Fraud Protection?

Mynet is a smartphone game development/operations company. Today we’ll be talking with Mynet’s Chief Business Planner, Ms. Tanaka and Business Planner, Mr. Shiota.

Purpose ・Remove ad fraud from the ad network and place ads safely

Problem ・We want to place ads on overseas networks but we feel there is a risk of ad fraud ・Fraud investigations take up a lot of time

Result ・Negotiations with web providers became easier when we could identify ad fraud ・Significantly reduced time to conduct investigations on ad fraud

-Please tell us about when you suspected ad fraud

Mr. Shiota :We began suspecting the possibility of ad fraud when we saw an abnormal number of ROAS.

Regardless if the ROAS was great, when sales are not proportionate and revenue were not going up, that’s when we started questioning things.

Before you introduced SpiderAF, what kind of fraud protection did you do?

Ms. Tanaka:We would pull out the results log and look at the period between click to installation and used that to detect retention rates. To check on each individual data, we spent an enormous amount of time for fraud investigations.

We detected 70% of all ad fraud during the free trial period.

-How did you find out about SpiderAF?

Mr. Shiota:We participated in the ad fraud seminar and learned about the free fraud diagnosis and decided to give it a try.

Ad Fraud Seminar

-How was SpiderAF’s free fraud diagnosis?

Ms. Tanaka:Right when we tried out a diagnosis on a network, around 70% of all deliveries were suspected of being ad fraud. That was when we felt the necessity for occasional fraud investigations on all networks. We would like to do ad placements on overseas networks but at this rate, because we are so at risk of ad fraud, we decided to go with SpiderAF.

Mr. Shiota:Because our ROAS was abnormally great, it was by looking through SpiderAF that we understood click flooding (method in taking in results from natural inflows)

Investigations for ad fraud significantly decreased from taking a whole day → to taking only a couple of minutes!

What was the deciding factor for going with SpiderAF?

Ms. Tanaka:The fact that we could immediately confirm if something was ad fraud on an admin screen and because it’s easy to see what info was suspicious. Because the data is visualized, you can just sense what is fraud from a glance. Up until now we checked with each individual log so it used to take a whole day to analyze, but because of SpiderAF, we can just look at the admin screen and it wouldn’t even taken an hour for us to check.

Mr. Shiota:Looking at logs from the terminal or OS versions was abnormally difficult. Also it wasn’t that expensive to introduce so that was also attractive.

(We have plans starting at 90,000 yen prepared for SpiderAF)

-How do you use SpiderAF?

Ms. Tanaka:Also, in the middle of the month we check on the amount that is to be deducted and move that amount to more effective campaigns, thus using our budget more efficiently.

Completely blocked ad fraud with before and after measures

-I heard that you are using the SDK measurement function for ad fraud, how is that?

Mr. Shiota:Yeah there was also faults that we couldn’t prevent without the SDK measurement function. I think that it’s also important to have measures in place to prevent ad fraud after they have occured while you are conducting fraud protection on the surface.

Ms. Tanaka:Because of the unnaturalness of the distribution of OS version and devices (weather or not they are Japanese sales terminal), I think post-measures are important since you cannot check if you don’t save the data.

Taking action on ad fraud from the advertisers side

-We hear a lot from advertisers that there should be fraud protection for ad agencies and networks but your company has actively tackled that issue. What are your thoughts on that?

Mr. Shiota:I think that ad agencies and advertisers need to cooperate and take measures. Because it’s important for advertisers to properly understand this issue; from the advertisers side, if you do not urge action, then wouldn’t it be difficult to eradicate ad fraud? If you sit down and properly look and analyze the data internally, then you can detect these things.

– Please tell us about your plans for using SpiderAF, including businesses/services

Ms. Tanaka:Because we can firmly identify ad fraud, we plan on taking on challenges in new mediums. I think we would like to connect all of the know-how we’ve accumulated about ad fraud to a horizontal axis and push growing our games even further

Thank you very much.

Mynet felt the necessity for adopting fraud protection and ultimately introduced SpiderAF after participating at our seminar. How about starting with stopping by our seminar and learning about the current ad fraud situation?

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