Fraudulent Click Rate Cut by 62% on Google Search Campaigns

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Since the integration, Spider AF has blocked 883 fraudulent clicks, saving Wilson PC a substantial $47,963 in ad spend. This led to a significant reduction in the invalid click rate on Google Search Campaigns, dropping from 7.91% to 2.97% by May 2024.

Read our interview with Darrius Garrett to learn in-depth how Spider AF's partnership safeguarded Wilson PC’s advertising budget and enhanced its digital marketing strategy.

Question: Could you introduce yourself and your company?

Darrius: I'm Darrius Garrett, the head of Double Up Marketing Group. We primarily work with personal injury lawyers, local businesses, and e-commerce brands, focusing on Google Ads and SEO. We partnered with Spider AF to tackle click fraud and prevent unnecessary ad spend.

Optimizing Cost Per Case: A Strategic Acquisition Approach

Question: Could you tell us more about your marketing efforts and What KPIs you track? 

Darrius: Absolutely. Wilson PC is a personal injury law firm, so Google Ads is perfect for reaching clients involved in car accidents. We use Performance Max campaigns, demand generation campaigns, and search campaigns. Although we avoid the Display Network, some click fraud still slips through, which is where Spider AF steps in to protect our accounts.

We focus on cost per case, which is crucial in the legal industry. While our cost per lead might be $300, it often takes four leads to convert into a case. So, our main KPI is how much we spend per case. This approach helps us gauge the true performance of our campaigns and manage our budgets effectively.

Question: How do you track these cases, especially given Google Ads' limitations?

Darrius: We track call events and set a buffer of 240 seconds for call conversions in Google Ads. Calls lasting less than this are not counted as conversions. We also use our CRM to book clients and cases at the end of each period.

Combatting Fraudulent Leads & Recovering Lost Ad Spend

Question: Were you aware of ad fraud before using Spider AF?

Darrius: Yes, I was familiar with it from working with another partner in the market. I transitioned to Spider AF after realizing its value, especially after meeting at LeadsCon in Vegas. Spider AF has since helped us save a significant amount of money.

Question: What prompted you to reach out to Spider AF initially?

Darrius: We were facing a high volume of fraudulent clicks and irrelevant form fills, especially from Performance Max campaigns. Spider AF helped us reduce this spam significantly, saving us thousands in ad spend.

Immediate Impact: Spider AF Saves $10K in First Month

Question: Could you comment on the cost savings Spider AF has provided?

Darrius: Personal injury keywords are expensive, sometimes $350 per click. Spider AF saved us around $10,300 in November and about $3,900 in April, which is incredible. This saved capital can now be invested in legitimate clicks, making Spider AF a no-brainer for us and our clients.

Question: Are you satisfied with the reduction in invalid clicks?

Darrius: Absolutely. We've seen more than a 50% decline in invalid clicks. The goal is to get to zero, but I'm very happy with the progress.

Feedback and Features

Question: Any feedback or additional features you'd like to see?

Darrius: I'm currently very satisfied. I appreciate the new placement exclusion capability and will discuss it with my clients.

Spider AF’s solutions have been a game-changer for Wilson PC and Double Up Marketing Group, demonstrating the critical role of ad fraud prevention in achieving high-performance results and maximizing ROI. For performance marketers and digital advertisers, integrating Spider AF can lead to substantial savings and improved campaign outcomes. Discover how Spider AF can transform your advertising efforts and protect your budget from fraud.

About the Advertiser:

Double Up Marketing Group is a strategic growth partner dedicated to driving revenue and performance through SEO and PPC digital marketing. They enhance value by increasing impressions, clicks, and calls. Recognizing that each partner defines value differently, Double Up Marketing Group tailors bespoke strategies and plans to achieve each partner's unique goals. Their client, The Wilson PC is a personal injury law firm located in the Metro Atlanta area. Our law firm is comprised of experienced personal injury trial attorneys that represent clients in car accidents & truck accidents, slip and falls and more. They are committed to providing justice for victims of negligence throughout Georgia.

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