Spider Labs Launches New Anti-Fraud Services for Web Advertisers

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Spider Labs’ Spider AF Platform Enables Advertisers to Hide Ads from Competitors and Click Farms, Automatically Block Malicious IPs, Block Unapproved Content and more.

TOKYO, July 21, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Tokyo-based Spider Labs, Ltd., developer of Spider AF anti-advertising fraud software, has announced the launch of new services designed specifically for web advertisers. Spider Labs gives advertisers more control over their ads to boost ROI an average of 20% with automated fraud prevention, blocking competitors from seeing ads, blocking click farms and malicious IPs, controlling the frequency of ad deliveries and blocking unwanted content such as adult, religious or political sites. The product is easy to integrate with simple tags and API integration, and it provides comprehensive support for Google Ads. Pricing is variable, based on data used. Completely transparent data allows advertisers to maintain control and choose their own rules to ensure the key audiences are not false positives.

Spider Labs is the only Asian vendor certified by the international Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and is also compliant with the guidelines set by the U.S.-based Media Rating Council (MRC). Its clients include some of the biggest advertisers and affiliate service providers in Japan, including ValueCommerce Co., Ltd. and Affitown. The company’s flagship product, Spider AF, has raised the bar on anti-fraud services with an automated AI-driven system that can detect a range of online advertising fraud techniques such as fake impressions, clicks and conversions.

Utilizing Spider Labs’ Spider AF, web advertisers can reach their target audience instead of bots and competitors with 100% automated fraud prevention. The platform can defend against account hijacking, prevent the generation of multiple accounts, mitigate unauthorized use of credit cards, points and affiliate reward abuse.

“Fraud and brand safety are important issues for advertisers,” explained Yoshinori Suzuki, Manager, Marketing Group, SmartHR, Inc., “We have started using Spider AF’s service, which has a proven track record in anti-ad fraud measures in Japan and overseas. Through this collaboration, we can launch aggressive promotions while also ensuring the quality of advertising.”.

The scope of revenue lost to ad fraud is vast. Spider Labs’ “2020 Ad Fraud Survey Report” whitepaper analyzed more than 1.3 trillion impressions, 101.9 billion clicks and 148 million conversions to create Japan’s most comprehensive snapshot of online advertising fraud. According to the analysis of the Japanese market, out of 61 million mobile installs in the six months between July and December 2019, 9.96 million installs or approximately 16.3 percent, were found to be fraudulent. At a rate of $5 USD per install, the resulting damage would be $45.5 million during this six-month period.

About Spider AF

Spider AF is an AI-equipped ad fraud tool specialized in automation and data visualization. Along with businesses involved with ad networks, Spider AF aims to be a tool applicable to a wide variety of users from agencies to advertisers. The goal of the Spider AF SHARED BLACKLIST is to build a safer digital advertising industry.