Top Performance Marketing Tips From Lead Digital Marketers

Online advertising is forever changing, in a climate that is unpredictable, and audiences with different priorities to those previously seen. 
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As we try to traverse this within our own businesses and experience, at Spider AF we believe there’s value in coming together and swapping tips and tricks.

We spoke to some of the industry’s leading marketers who shared their advice on how to supercharge your campaigns.

How have you been successful with some of your top performing campaigns? 

It’s all in the details

Danielle Kaplan, Senior Paid Strategist at KlientBoost

We spoke to Danielle Kaplan, Senior Paid Strategist at KlientBoost who shared her expertise on bid strategies and device type:

“Some people set and forget their bid strategies. Once they’ve set up their campaigns, they leave the same strategy in place. 

“I believe it’s really important to monitor and adjust your bid strategy as your campaign changes. This is what can really make or break a campaign’s success. I’ve seen bid strategies adjusted and then all of sudden the traffic volume increases dramatically.

“Also be sure to take advantage of search terms. Dig deep into what’s converting and what isn’t. This might seem obvious, but it’s easily overlooked.

“Finally, pay special attention to your mobile devices. A lot of the time, CPAs are much higher for mobile, and when it comes to lead generation, the people searching on mobile aren’t your  target audience. It’s worth considering turning this off so that your CPAs don’t skyrocket unnecessarily.” 

Omar Majid, Performance Marketer at Dubai CommerCity

Next, Omar Majid, Performance Marketer at Dubai CommerCity chatted us through how they measure success in their industry:

“Success is relative. It’s all about how you benchmark yourself, and how you adjust this depending on the industry you’re in. 

“Our business is in real estate and it isn’t fully digital meaning that some of our sales happen  online and others offline. Sometimes enquiries happen online, and then the sale is completed offline. It’s important that you’re able to attribute the right touchpoints and measure success accordingly. 

“A good way to do this is to launch any new campaigns one after another, and attribute everything that is incremental to the campaign before, in order to track the differences.”

Looking for hidden gems

We spoke to Qiming Mei, Head of Paid Search at Dentsu Norway and he spoke about how important finding those hidden gems are to a campaign’s success:

“I’d say make sure you’re on the lookout for those hidden gems. They’re everywhere – you just need to know where to look. Try and connect the dots like it’s a puzzle in front of you. 

“By analyzing what’s important and trying to understand the cultural impact on different areas, you can understand your audience better and see improved results.”

Focusing on keywords

Aditya Vyas, Senior Performance Marketing Specialist at

Finally, speaking to Aditya Vyas, who’s the Senior Performance Marketing Specialist at, the topic of keywords came up:

“If you’re launching a new campaign, begin with fewer keywords and ensure each keyword is targeting one specific ad group with a customized bid for each and every match type. For example, if you’re targeting an exact match keyword, you can have a higher bid range than your average CPC.

“Once you accumulate conversion history, you can pivot and move to automated bidding strategies as they still allow you to set maximum CPC bids at ad group and keyword level, but will allow you to focus on reducing your average CPC."

“It’s also important to consistently review your keywords and exclude any that could see you appearing for irrelevant searches. With all the updates Google brings in, keeping your performance engine clean and healthy by utilizing your negative keyword list and monitoring what triggers your keywords will improve your relevancy in the SERPs. 

Mark Byrne Head of Paid Social at Brave Bison

Mark Byrne who’s Head of Paid Social at Brave Bison also mentioned keywords as a source of success:

“Google has made changes to Broad Match and we’re seeing great results from our testing. We’re seeing that one keyword is matching us to a wide range of relevant searches which is allowing us to consolidate our campaigns, and spend more time on strategy and creative.

Most recently, Performance Max has been working wonders in terms of driving revenue for our larger clients. If you have a lot of data at an account level, this really makes Performance Max more effective.

We’ve seen a lot of success through trusting automation. In my opinion, there’s no point trying to avoid it – the sooner you embrace technology and learn to trust it, the sooner you can leverage it for your campaigns.”

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