How to Detect Ad Fraud with Spider AF

Explore Spider AF, our very own world-class anti-fraud tool, and how it analyzes big data to calculate invalid access and estimate fraud damages.
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Spider AF is an easy-to-use, automated anti-ad fraud tool that safeguards your ads against corrupt sites and malicious users. Accurately detecting fraud is the key strength of Spider AF. With it, advertising data and reports become more transparent, enabling you to better manage your ads. In this post, we’ll go over some of Spider AF’s features and how it can help you detect fraud. 

Basic Features of Spider AF

Data-Driven Dashboard

Ever used a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool where you couldn't get around using any features and the dashboard was incredibly complex and you felt agitated just thinking about loading the pages? We feel your pain. Dashboards that are hard to use are a major turnoff to any tool. Hence, our team designed Spider AF’s dashboard to account for better visibility on all its essential features. 

Breakdown by Device

Device breakdown displays the information of accesses based on the device. It is important to be cautious with which devices are accessing your website. For example, a device that is too old or not sold in the market - specifically devices with outdated hardware and cheap Chinese-made devices are likely infected with fraudulent "install farms."

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Device’s OS Information

iOS 15.1 and Android 12 are the most recent versions as of November 2021. Older versions of these operating systems will leave you vulnerable to ad fraud, and devices that have been jailbroken or rooted often do not receive updates to their operating systems.

Note: Jailbreaking and rooting refer to unlocking any restrictions on an OS. As a result, users can install apps that are not approved by app stores and might end up tampering with how their devices operate.


Next up is detecting a device’s language setting. Generally, the language of an application downloaded from a site should match the language set on the user’s device — for example, using an English app on a device that has English set as the default language. It should raise some concern whenever one notices a deviation from this, as it is possible that these devices are also being used for "installation farms" that continue to install applications illegally.

IP / IP Address 

If a lot of traffic is coming from the same IP address, especially when it is not from a recognized internet provider, it is a sign that something fishy is going on. If you notice an almost constant stream of these high-traffic IP addresses, it could mean malware has infected the devices. Spider AF detects and alerts you to such IP addresses. 

Safeguard your Online Presence

Spider AF keeps fraudsters from tarnishing your brand image. In a world where DSP and ad exchanges are the norm, it’s becoming harder for advertisers to see what kind of sites their ads are ending upon. If your ads land on the wrong site, say an illegal download site, or any sites that may include adult/religious/violent content, then it might adversely affect your brand image.

Although technology has made it efficient for advertisers to display ads, the flip side is that it has become much harder to take control of one’s brand image, especially for those that run frequent, paid ads. Spider AF analyzes where your ads are being delivered and blocks any site that potentially threatens to paint a brash color on how the public views your company. 


Ad fraud is a rampant issue that affects any online business, and many advertisers consider ad verification tools as essential to their marketing operations. Spider AF has high detection capabilities to block malicious traffic before it can be profited from. With our high-tech, intuitive software, you can improve your marketing efficiency and feel confident of getting the most out of your ad spend. 

Try Spider AF today and see for yourself how much your ad campaigns can improve without the fraud!

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