Spider AF by the Numbers

Spider AF has 31 employees as of June 30th, 2021

Average age
31.7 years
Flat illustration of text Average age 31.7 years and two women smiling with one arm over the other

Department Structure (Ratio)

Spider AF is committed to creating a work environment that respects diversity. We also proactively introduce new policies in the workplace to further enhance employee wellness.

Flat illustration of a donut chart with a breakdown of department structure and text with 52% for Engineering, 13% for Admin & Finance, 16% for Sales, 13% for Marketing and 6% for Customer Support

Work and Lifestyle Diversity

Childcare Benefits

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$800 USD
for the first child
$600 USD
for the second child
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Monthly Childcare Allowance
$150 USD /child
Childcare allowance will be provided until the child is 18 years old. A total of $32,400 dollars!
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Flat illustration of lady portraying a babysitter
50% Costs Subsidized
Guaranteed in case of temporary school closure due to declared State of Emergency.
Scheduled for 2022

Return-to-Work from Maternity & Childcare Leave Rate

Flat illustration of a woman holding a baby while sitting with a laptop in front of her and the text 100% on top

Paternity Leave Rate

Flat illustration of a man holding hands with his child with building blocks on the floor and the text 50% on top

Baby Room

CSpider Labs has a spacious baby room in the office. The room is private and complete with a baby bed, so you can take care of your baby without worrying about your surroundings, or even when feeding or changing diapers.

Flat illustration of a baby in a crib with red stars over head and woman working with a desktop computer nearby

Diversity of Nationalities

Flat illustration of round Japanese Flag Japan
Flat illustration of round Malaysian Flag Malaysia
Flat illustration of round Portuguese Flag Portugal
Flat illustration of round Philippine Flag Phillipines
Flat illustration of round Argentinian Flag Argentina
Flat illustration of round Indonesian Flag Indonesia
Flat illustration of round American Flag America
Flat illustration of round Mexican Flag Mexico
Flat illustration of round Taiwan Flag Taiwan
Flat illustration of round Russian Flag Russia
Flat illustration art of a skeleton globe with the text visa 100% visa support rate

Remote work rate

Flat illustration of a man and woman in a video chat screen with the text 62% in the image

English Usage Rate

Flat illustration of a man and a woman talking together with 2 speech bubbles showing the hiragana text for Konnichiwa and hello! together with the text 56%

Career Diversity

Flat illustration of donut chart with the text 17% in the middle

Rate of employees with side jobs

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7 Skill Development Programs

Flat illustration of a book with the japanese kanji for Bun and red circle with EN

Japanese Lessons

Flat illustration of a book with EN written

English Lessons

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Book Purchase

Flat illustration of a projector showing rising line chart

External Trainings

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Company Lunch

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Qualification Acquisition Support

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Study Groups

More benefits to look forward to!

Spider Labs strives to create a comfortable working environment for each and every employee. To fulfill this, we plan on acquiring the Kurumin Certification and also join the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Union. In addition, we plan to implement a work-vacation system, organize company trips, events, and more in the future.

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