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Funplex and Drecome use SpiderAF

What are the benefits of a united advertiser and agency response to ad fraud?

The relationship between the advertiser Funplex and the agency Drecom. [Notes for our international readers: Funplex is a mobile game company that has developed games for franchises such as Naruto. Drecom runs a digital advertising agency. Interview translated from Japanese to English.] Today we’ll be talking with Ryo Ueno (right), who is part of Funplex Inc.’s Marketing Communication Group/Product Marketing team and Gree Group Inc. Japan Game Division/Marketing group, and Drecom Inc.’s WEB advertising division group chairman, Satoshi Kameoka (left). Ad Fraud with a Good ROAS? Please tell me when you first became aware of ad fraud. Mr. Ueno (Funplex Inc.)︰It was when I implemented a non-incentive network CPE billing model (Cost Per Engagement: a model that uses result points…