Case Study: Gentle Renegades and Spider AF


Gregory Valdez is the owner of Gentle Renegades, a digital marketing consultancy based in Houston, Texas. Gentle Renegades specializes in paid media and digital marketing services, with a focus on performance and growth-based solutions for clients with a digital presence.


Gregory was managing a roofing client's campaign and noticed a high volume of fraudulent clicks. This was alarming as the client was spending $5,000 a month on the campaign, and Gregory wanted to ensure that their investment was being used effectively.


Gregory began researching solutions to detect and block against ad fraud, and came across Spider AF. He found that the platform offered a range of features and analytics that were more extensive than other solutions he had researched, and also had a more affordable price point. He decided to make an appointment with the Spider AF team to learn more about our services.

Why Spider AF

Gregory implemented the Spider AF platform and found the support from the team to be excellent. Spider AF provided a "white-glove" service, and were able to address his concerns and technical questions in a way that felt personalized and tailored to his business. 

Results: Gregory found that the Spider AF platform was able to effectively detect and block fraudulent clicks, which helped him to optimize the campaign for his roofing client. The reporting and analytics features were also useful in identifying areas for improvement and optimization.


“I would recommend Spider AF to other companies looking to detect and block against ad fraud, due to the platform's features, analytics, and affordable pricing. I believe that the platform has the potential to be even more effective in the future, with the incorporation of AI and other technologies to highlight pressure points for consumers along the ad funnel journey.”

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