MJB Marketing Stands Up To Ad Fraud With Spider AF

Matthew Beucler is the owner of MJB Marketing, an agency that specializes in lead generation, particularly in the medical, legal, and travel spaces.
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The lead generation space is highly competitive and fraught with fraud. It is essential to use reliable software and tactics to ensure that the leads generated are valid and not fraudulent. MJB Marketing chose to work with Spider AF due to the ease of integration, its powerful performance, and the ability to remove a significant variable from the KPIs.  

MJB’s Success With Spider AF

MJB Marketing recently implemented Spider AF to help detect and block ad fraud in their lead generation campaigns. The results have been nothing short of impressive. 

Using Spider AF, they were able to track and improve key metrics, resulting in a significant reduction in ad fraud. While they could not provide specific numbers, they emphasized the importance of keeping out spoofed devices and other problematic sources, noting that using Spider AF is critical for running a large ad account in the lead generation space.

In addition to the positive results, MJB Marketing was also impressed with the support provided by the Spider AF team. They noted that support was great, and they particularly appreciated the ease of communication through Slack. 

When asked if they would recommend Spider AF to other companies looking to detect and block against ad fraud, MJB Marketing responded with an emphatic yes. They believe that Spider AF is a must-have for any company running a large ad account in the lead generation space, and they are confident that the service will do well expanding into the USA. 

To help other Spider AF customers get the most out of the platform, MJB Marketing offered a few tips and tricks they have discovered. For example, they recommend using a combination of Spider AF and filtering on forms before firing a conversion pixel on any source, and only using offline conversions. They also advise against training the Google/Facebook/ad platform pixel for fraud, as it only keeps growing and can lead to wasted ad spend.

Overall, MJB Marketing is thrilled with the results they have achieved using Spider AF and would recommend it to any company looking to detect and block against ad fraud in their lead generation campaigns.

Using Spider AF In A Triple-Pronged Approach

MJB Marketing owner Matthew and Spider AF CEO Satoko
at LeadsCon 2023

In the lead generation space, it is essential to use a combination of tactics to ensure that the leads generated are valid. Fraud is a significant challenge, and it is impossible to eliminate it entirely. However, by using reliable software like Spider AF in a triple-pronged approach, companies can weed out a significant portion of fraudulent leads. 

Firstly, software is a crucial component in eliminating fraud. MJB Marketing uses Spider AF’s click fraud prevention tool to identify the validity of the leads. 

Secondly, they use a type-in field where users must input information to fill out a lead form. This helps eliminate fraudulent leads from call center scammers. Finally, Beucler emphasized the importance of phone validation, where they cross-check information such as email and phone numbers, IP addresses, and spam scores to ensure their validity.

By using a triple-pronged approach, MJB Marketing has been successful in weeding out fraudulent leads. They still get some fraudulent leads, but it is a vast improvement compared to their previous efforts. They use tools such as Project Bars Number Verifier and number of verifier families to identify spam leads. By doing this, they can identify real leads and prevent their clients from wasting their time and resources on invalid leads.

Quality Control Measures in Lead Distribution Software

Another challenge the team face is to ensure the leads passed through Spider AF are of high quality, and only quality leads are sold to buyers. They face the challenge of identifying bad phone numbers and ensuring the lead data is accurate.

To combat this, the team has implemented several quality control measures. They use a combination of software, including Spider AF and a lead QC API, to identify and eliminate bad phone numbers. The lead QC API looks at actual data in the fields and cleans the traffic. They also use a bad word and name filter to ensure only genuine leads pass.

In addition, the team asks challenging questions to weed out fraudsters. For instance, they ask potential buyers to check the availability of their resort and input the name. If a fraudster attempts to answer this question and inputs their name or email, they fail the test.

The quality control measures implemented by the team have ensured only high-quality leads are sold to buyers. The use of a lead QC API has significantly reduced the number of bad phone numbers passed to buyers, ensuring they receive only accurate data. The bad word and name filter has also improved the quality of leads passed.

Moreover, the challenging questions have helped weed out fraudsters, ensuring that only genuine leads are passed. The team has improved its reputation, with buyers trusting their leads, leading to more sales and increased revenue.

Quality control measures are essential in lead distribution software. The use of several tools, including lead QC API, bad word and name filters, and challenging questions, has significantly improved the quality of leads passed to buyers. This has increased the team's reputation, leading to more sales and revenue.

Avoiding Professional Plaintiffs

Matthew Beucler is a data expert who has built a team of researchers to help companies avoid professional plaintiffs. He helps his clients by tracking and identifying plaintiffs who file multiple lawsuits against small businesses in state and federal courts.

Matthew's team researches every lawsuit filed in state and federal courts daily, collecting plaintiff phone numbers, attorney data, and other plaintiffs' information. They aggregate this database and create an API that allows someone to make an API call to check if any of the plaintiffs' numbers are in it. If the number is found, the API will flag it, and companies can take appropriate actions to avoid any potential issues.

Matthew's team uses a variety of tools to investigate professional plaintiffs, such as a deep web search, which reveals the plaintiff's phone numbers, email addresses, and even burner phones. They also investigate the attorney's information, including additional attorneys in the firm and their contact information. 

One of the most significant benefits of Matthew's service is the speed at which his team can provide information. The API is fast enough to search through a million SMS and database records a day, ensuring that his clients can quickly identify any potential issues.

Additionally, the API can provide carrier data back to the client, such as if the phone number is associated with a clean or invalid number, and if it is a wireless or landline number. The API can also check if the number is associated with any compliance or litigation issues, allowing clients to disconnect the call before it reaches an agent.

Matthew's service is invaluable to small businesses, as professional plaintiffs often target them, knowing they cannot afford costly legal battles. By providing a comprehensive database and API, Matthew's team helps his clients identify potential issues before they become significant problems, saving them time, money, and headaches.

The Negative Impacts of Misleading Advertising Practices on the Ad Fraud Prevention Industry

The presence of fraudulent companies that sell ineffective solutions to unsuspecting clients not only damages the reputation of legitimate companies but also makes it harder for clients to trust the industry as a whole.

Another challenge is the difficulty in detecting and preventing ad fraud. Ad fraudsters use sophisticated techniques to evade detection and continue to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. This makes it challenging for legitimate companies to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

Moreover, ad fraud can result in wasted advertising spend and cause problems for sales centers that rely on a steady stream of quality leads. This creates an HR problem when turnovers are high in the sales center, and agents struggle to convert the leads they are given.

The impact of ad fraud on companies that rely on lead generation was also highlighted, creating a need for effective ad fraud prevention measures to protect the industry's integrity.

To protect your business from ad fraud and its negative effects, try Spider AF for free and see what a difference blocking invalid traffic has on your business. 

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