Saving $1M Annually – E.N. Japan's Success with Ad Fraud Prevention

Interview with Souma Tanaka, Executive Officer and Director of Digital Marketing at E.N. Japan, on using "Spider AF" to combat ad fraud. Uncovering potential losses of $1.37 million annually and significantly reducing wasted ad spend. Discover why they chose Spider AF and its positive impact on their marketing efficiency.
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Interview with Souma Tanaka, Executive Officer and Director of Digital Marketing at E.N. Japan.

E.N. Japan, a leader in recruitment services, prioritizes connecting job seekers with opportunities. With an annual ad budget of $182 million, protecting it from ad fraud and invalid traffic is crucial. That's why they chose "Spider AF."

Let's delve into why E.N. Japan selected Spider AF and the impact it had in fighting ad fraud and invalid clicks.


Can you briefly describe E.N. Japan's business areas and your areas of responsibility?

E.N. Japan specializes in recruitment services, aiming to improve society by connecting job seekers with companies. As an Executive Officer and Director of Digital Marketing, I oversee marketing efforts for multiple segments like "Ambi" for young professionals and "Middle Career Change" for experienced individuals.

When did you first become aware of ad fraud, and why did it become a concern?

I learned about ad fraud from a marketing article a decade ago. We promptly ceased using DSP, known for its susceptibility to ad fraud, and imposed restrictions on our digital advertising.

Over time, I realized another issue; invalid traffic. Though not as malicious as ad fraud, I initially underestimated its prevalence, assuming it was mainly associated with distributing advertisements on major platforms.

However, my vigilance persisted. In 2021, I subscribed to Spider AF's email newsletter to stay updated on countermeasures against invalid traffic. The turning point came in May 2022 when our company announced ambitious growth targets, prompting a significant increase in our advertising investment.

This raised concerns about the potential impact of undetected invalid traffic on our advertising costs. To safeguard our advertising expenses, vital for business expansion, we recognized the need to accurately assess the situation and implement appropriate measures.


Invalid Traffic Prevention Testimony

Why did you choose Spider AF as your Ad Fraud Prevention tool?

We chose Spider AF because it demonstrated unparalleled expertise in addressing invalid and bot traffic. After comparing multiple click fraud tools, Spider AF emerged as the most knowledgeable and effective solution for combating invalid traffic. Its high resolution in identifying and blocking fraudulent activity, coupled with extensive support and endorsement from reputable media outlets, gave us confidence in its reliability.

Additionally, as our marketing team expanded, we prioritized a tool that could empower young marketers with the skills to tackle invalid traffic, making Spider AF the ideal choice for our needs.

What were the outcomes after implementing Spider AF?

Implementing Spider AF uncovered potential losses of approximately $1.37 million annually because of invalid clicks and traffic. Through thorough study, we identified a significant volume of repeated clicks and bot access, even within major media outlets. This insight highlighted the pervasive nature of invalid traffic across various ad formats, including search and display ads.

With Spider AF in place, we not only mitigated these losses but also seamlessly integrated it into our advertising infrastructure, ensuring ongoing protection against fraudulent activity.

Implementation and Results

How do you evaluate Spider AF's impact on your marketing operations?

A: Spider AF significantly reduced wasted ad spend and improved the accuracy of advertising effectiveness evaluation. By eliminating invalid traffic noise, it enhanced our marketing team's productivity and empowered young marketers with valuable insights into ad fraud prevention. Its cost-effectiveness and multifaceted benefits have transformed Spider AF into a vital tool supporting our decision-making processes.

Would you recommend Spider AF to other companies?

A: Absolutely. With ad fraud mechanisms evolving, it's challenging for companies to tackle the issue independently. Regardless of budget size, implementing measures against invalid traffic is crucial. I encourage others to proactively address ad fraud risks and leverage solutions like Spider AF to safeguard their advertising investments.

Evaluation of Spider AF:

Our experience with Spider AF has been highly satisfactory. We've managed to significantly reduce advertising costs attributed to invalid traffic, starting from one site and expanding its usage to multiple sites. Spider AF now serves as the backbone of our advertising operations, effectively preventing invalid web and app traffic on a daily basis.

Spider AF's cost-effectiveness is particularly noteworthy, as it not only reduces wasted advertising costs but also streamlines the process of evaluating advertising effectiveness. By filtering out invalid traffic noise, Spider AF has enabled our marketing team to focus on relevant data, thus enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Additionally, Spider AF has played a crucial role in increasing the value of our marketing organizations. Through its insights into invalid traffic and ad fraud, young marketers have gained valuable knowledge and skills, further strengthening our defenses against fraudulent activities.

Recommendations for Other Companies:

Given the increasing sophistication of invalid traffic mechanisms, we recognize the challenges that companies face in combating ad fraud independently. Therefore, regardless of budget size, we strongly recommend implementing measures against invalid traffic. It's essential to proactively address ad fraud risks to protect advertising investments and ensure long-term success in digital advertising.

In Conclusion:

En Japan's success story with Spider AF highlights the importance of proactive ad fraud prevention measures. By prioritizing the protection of their brand value, they not only saved significant costs but also enhanced their marketing effectiveness. As ad fraud continues to evolve, investing in robust prevention tools like Spider AF is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital advertising landscape.

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