Ad Fraud Prevention for PPC Ads: Ateam’s Approach to Minimizing Invalid Clicks and Saving Resources


Ateam is a technology company that designs, develops, and operates games, applications, and an e-commerce site focused on connecting people. Their media platforms have gained a loyal following and they have recently implemented advertising operations to attract more users and help advertisers reach their target audiences. 

We recently interviewed Mr. Takahiro Hori of Ateam’s Ad Marketing Division to discuss the challenges they encountered with ad fraud and the benefits of integrating Spider AF into their existing system.


Efficient ad operations remained a perpetual challenge for Ateam. They have experienced bots and excessive traffic from identical users on their PPC ads in the past, and these caused a temporary spike in cost-per-click (CPC), leading to the suspension of their ad campaigns.

After identifying the challenges with ad fraud, Ateam allocated development resources from their internal engineering team towards access analysis and other measures but felt it was a cat-and-mouse game.

In addition, Ateam tried a different ad fraud solution, but it eventually turned out to be very cost-ineffective due to its high cost and limited media coverage.


As the base fee for other ad fraud prevention tools was too high, Ateam found it a challenge to use them on multiple sites due to domain-based charges. Aside from Spider AF’s advanced technology and experienced support team, the major deciding factor that led Ateam to switch to Spider AF is its click-based billing system and multiple domain support. 

Why Spider AF

Ateam found Spider AF to be a good fit thanks to its local (Japanese) support offering. Spider AF made the process of detecting and reporting ad fraud efficient and simplified refund requests from ad networks. 

After switching to Spider AF, Ateam successfully refunded 2% of their ad spend on multiple ad networks.


“At Ateam, we believe companies spending more than $15,000 per month can easily recognize the benefits of integrating an ad fraud prevention tool. As marketers, our tasks are not limited to just ad operations but also strategic planning, optimizations, and much more. With limited time on our hands, we prioritize what matters the most.

Thinking about how ad fraud is exhausting our budget reduces productivity, and using internal resources to manually detect ad fraud adds up to additional man-hours. Integrating Spider AF helped us regain time and resources, and we are now able to execute marketing campaigns without worrying about noise caused by ad fraud. 

From that perspective, we feel that the effect of integrating ad fraud solutions goes beyond just numbers and is now able to use our time more effectively.”

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