What Does Marketing Operations Do?

Marketing operations (MO) plays a critical behind-the-scenes role in the success of marketing efforts and campaigns. The marketing operations team helps establish processes, systems, and infrastructure to enable smooth marketing activities across an organization. Here is an overview of some of the key things marketing operations is responsible for:
Table of Contents

Planning and Budgeting

The marketing ops team helps create realistic marketing plans and budgets aligned with broader business goals. This includes developing spending budgets, headcount plans, technology budgets and more to support marketing initiatives. They provide data-driven recommendations to inform planning.

Marketing Technology Management

Marketing operations oversees all marketing technology, including platforms like CRMs, marketing automation, analytics, and more. This includes system evaluation and selection, onboarding, integration, maintenance, training and governance. The team ensures technologies are set up properly and people are enabled to use them effectively.

Campaign Operations

MO teams keep campaigns and programs moving smoothly from concept to completion. They coordinate with creative, sales, IT and other teams to kick off campaigns, govern processes, and track campaign performance data. They also manage third-party agencies and vendors related to campaigns.

Performance Analysis

Using data and analytics, marketing ops analyzes the effectiveness of campaigns, programs, platforms, processes and more. The team generates reports, dashboards, and recommendations to optimize spending and performance. This analysis informs future marketing plans and budgets.

Process Improvement

Marketing operations identifies process inefficiencies and opportunities to improve operations. They document processes, develop playbooks and guides, and implement automation and tools to enhance processes like lead generation, account-based marketing, customer onboarding and more.

In summary, marketing operations creates the foundation to enable scalable, efficient marketing. It coordinates people, processes and technology to aid productivity and effectiveness of marketing teams. Aligning marketing ops and strategic marketing teams leads to superior execution of marketing strategy.