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What is Ad Fraud?

What is “Click Farming”?

A system of bots or low-paid workers that will visit a website, click paid advertising links and even sign-up for newsletters. Click farming has been evolving towards mobile Apps, where they will simulate retention, in-app purchases and in-app ad clicks.

Click farming

What is “Install Hijacking”?

A type of ad fraud where the fraudster will install malware together with Apps that appear legitimate in a device. This malware will identify when a legitimate install begins, and report it as its own install. Mainly seen in Android devices & App Ads.

Install and device hijacking

What is “Click Flooding”?

A type of attribution fraud, its when the fraudster sends a large number of clicks in hopes of simulating ad clicks or installs when the user visits the website or App but has not actually clicked, or seen the ad at all. Also known as Click Stuffing, Cookie Stuffing, or Click Spamming.

Click flood

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