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Success Stories

“We reduced advertising expenses by 2.6 million yen [approx. $25k] in a single month.”

All Connect was able to reduce its standard 12 hours of maintenance per month to just 30 minutes a week of checking the analytics dashboard with Spider AF.

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Marketing Manager @ All Connect

“We’ve seen a 95% reduction in invalid leads.”

Porters Co. used to see 90 invalid leads a month from its ad campaigns, but thanks to Spider AF, the company was able to eliminate a huge percentage of those dead ends.

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Ms Kusuhara
Head of Marketing @ Porters Co.

“Our ROAS is 160% after eliminating ad fraud with Spider AF.”

SmartNews was able to detect that up to 90% of newly launched CPI menu acquisitions were fradulent during Spider AF’s 1-month free trial.

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Takashi Amitani
Marketing Manager @ SmartNews Co.

You’ll be walked through the platform by one of these lovely humans.

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Peter Seabury
Global Account Executive
As one of our most experienced account executives, Pete knows Spider AF inside and out.
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Pierre Laatz
International Sales
Fluent in both English and German, Pierre loves giving demos to give users a deep dive on ad fraud protection.
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Lloyd Spillane
International Sales Director
Lloyd's especially good at showing businesses how Spider AF fits into their existing structure.