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Spider AF Redirector

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September 21, 2023
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How to use the Spider AF redirector

It is recommended to implement Spider AF through GTM or to the header of your web pages. In doing so, Spider AF understands how users and potential invalid bots are utilizing your webpage. But in cases where you do not have access to the landing page header, Spider AF has a redirector that allows tracking of most of the metrics used to identify invalid traffic. With the redirector, we will not be able to measure deeper funnel actions, but we will be able to identify most bots, data centers, invalid foreign access, etc.

Additionally, Spider AF can block certain invalid access in real time

To utilize the redirector, we can implement it at 2 different levels, the tracking template, and or the final URL level.

NOTE: When using the redirector, make sure you inform your Spider AF rep for your redirector tag ID and confirm that the setup was done correctly and that the data is reported on your dashboards.

Spider AF API Automation

Spider AF automates the setting of the redirector at the account level tracking template though the API. By selecting the Redirector option in integrations and completing, the template will be updated accordingly.

Tracking Template:

Copied to clipboard!


Replace the placeholder with the Spider AF Tag ID that is provided by your Spider AF representative.

If you have an existing tracking template, you can retain the parameters that were used there by adding the items into the Final URL suffix.

If you cannot edit the Tracking template follow the other options below.

Integration at the Final URL:

If you are not integrating at the Tracking template level. You must add the redirector through the Final URL and you will need to encode your URL into the URL path.

<[INSERT_SPIDERAF_TAG_ID]?url=>{Your URL with its custom tracking and UTM parameters ENCODED}

You can use this tool to encode your URL:

When encoding your URL, it will transform your special characters into %encoding. this will allow the redirector to forward your UTM and custom tracking parameters. For example:


will be transformed to :

You can then add this encoded URL to the template above.

<>{Spider AF Tag ID}?

Template integration URL:

You can then add this encoded URL to the template like the example below.


Table Of Contents

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