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How to track different product/business lines

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September 21, 2023
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You can easily track and analyze different products or business lines using a single tracker. To do so, follow the settings below:

  1. set the segment value in tracker configuration:
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sptrk('config', '<tracker>-01', {  segment: 'my product line X',   site: 'site_id'});

once the data is starting to reach our servers, you should see the dropdown in the UI populate:

Other optional parameters include:

  • pub (publisher_id)
  • media (media_id)
  • site (site_id)
  • spot (spot_id/sub_site_id)
  • segment(segment_id)
  • xuid (cookie/user id)
  • xsid (session id)

Optional parameters may be configured for your specific needs. You can forward macros and fields into the additional fields such as xuid or xsid which are typically used as placeholders for the user id and session ids.


Segment may not appear in the filter until 24 hours after the initial setting.
Warning: Values are case-sensitive

Table Of Contents

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