Let’s Work Together Against Ad Fraud!

Is your company protected against ad fraud?
Start using SHARED BLACKLIST, an advanced solution for SpiderAF users, Japan’s largest ad fraud prevention tool.

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Shared Blacklist Members work together to fix the ad industry


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SHARED BLACKLIST is a SpiderAF solution where participating users (SBL MEMBERS) share a common blacklist to prevent ad fraud.

SBL MEMBERS is a new initiative where each participant contributes to the better development of the advertising industry, helping prevent ad fraud.

Shared blacklist members working together


Ensure brand safety and improve trust.

Analyse Fraud Traffic

Review ad success rates

In addition to receiving the shared blacklist from each company using SpiderAF, our monitoring team classifies ad fraud discovered as a bonus offer.

Block Bad Actors Before They Happen

High precision blacklist

Monitor ad fraud with confidence — we analyze millions of data points daily on major Japan-based ad network & agencies.

Shared Blacklist

Advanced anti-fraud before it happens

With the shared blacklist information, review traffic and affiliates for signs of fraud & brand damage before it happens.

 Research & Development

Invitation to regular R&D events

Attend regularly hosted host study groups & presentations on the latest ad fraud prevention developments. Engineers from participating companies & SpiderAF discuss new measures.