affitown byGMO, Geniee and FLYWHEEL Join the SHARED BLACKLIST, an Industry-Wide Initiative to Fight Ad Fraud

Tokyo-based Spider Labs, Ltd., developer of the Spider AF anti-advertising fraud software, has announced that affitown byGMO, Geniee, and FLYWHEEL are the latest addition to its roster of partner companies enrolled in the SHARED BLACKLIST (SBL), an industry-wide list of fraudulent affiliates and publishers shared between major ad companies.

The SBL is compiled and maintained thanks Spider AF’s AI-driven algorithm which can detect a range of online advertising fraud techniques such as fake impressions, clicks and conversions. ​


Spider Labs has provided Spider AF, an ad fraud countermeasure tool, to individual companies, but there are limits to what each can do. In order to eradicate ad fraud, SBL is an initiative to share information collected by each service, prevent fraud from occurring and promote the overall health of the advertising industry.


• SBL benefits


Monitoring and reporting by the standards of the entire internet advertising industry

Our monitoring team conducts visual verification patrols to maintain a consistent standard of screening for artificial fraud to protect against ad-frauds and ensure brand safety. To ensure the needs of each member are met, the SBL helps categorize ad fraud most relevant and ensure brand safety for each segment.

Highly accurate blacklist

Spider AF analyzes billions of data points every day and has the participation of major Japanese and worldwide advertising companies ensuring high accuracy.

Prevent ad fraud in advance

Fraud identification is usually done by analyzing log data that is obtained after ads and ad budget is used. By sharing information, it is possible to confirm whether a site/app is fraudulent before additional ads are served.

Invitation to Regular workshops
Spider AF regularly holds closed workshops to introduce the latest ad fraud information and technology.




The SBL MEMBERS mark is provided to SBL member companies. The mark is proof that ad fraud measures are being implemented to improve the health of the advertising industry.