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Spider AF helps you detect, protect and prevent invalid traffic. Spend more time optimizing campaigns. Start building revenue-generating leads with Spider AF.

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Combat Low Conversion Drop-offs Caused by Invalid Traffic

Invalid traffic, encompassing various deceptive practices such as click fraud and bot-generated interactions, can substantially distort campaign performance metrics.

With Spider AF, rest assured that your marketing endeavors will be fortified, enabling campaigns to flourish and conversions to ascend, all while remaining impervious to the detrimental influence of fraudulent traffic sources.

Spider AF helps you keep focus on higher ROI while keeping the Ad Fraud away from your ads

Read below to learn how Ad fraud affects your marketing goals, diminishes your ROI and skews your data

Click Fraud

It eats into your budget, giving you the illusion of high engagement when it's not real people interacting with your ads

Impression Fraud

This can artificially inflate your statistics, making it seem like your ads are getting more attention than they actually are. This can lead to wasted spending.

Conversion Fraud

Imagine thinking your campaigns are performing well, only to find out that the reported conversions are misleading. It can throw off your entire assessment of effectiveness.

Bot Traffic

These non-human interactions can skew your demographics and drastically reduce the actual ROI of your campaigns.

Ad Stacking

It might look like your ad is getting a lot of views, but in reality, it's being overshadowed by other ads. This reduces the value of your ad space.

Domain Spoofing

Your ads might end up on low-quality sites without you even knowing. This can negatively impact the perception of your brand.

Cookie Stuffing

This can lead to incorrect attribution metrics, making it harder to understand where your conversions are truly coming from.

Geo Spoofing

Your geotargeting efforts might be compromised, leading to less relevant ads being shown to your audience.

Device Fingerprinting

This undermines your ability to target specific devices effectively and can skew your analytics.

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Spider AF integrates with all your favorite ad platforms.

With our sophisticated technology, Spider AF seamlessly integrates with all your favorite ad platforms. This means that whether you're utilizing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other major ad platform, you can trust that Spider AF will effortlessly slot into your existing workflow.

This ensures that you have the comprehensive protection you need against ad fraud, across all your advertising endeavors. Experience a new level of efficiency and security in your digital advertising strategies with Spider AF.

Discover how ad fraud is affecting your online campaigns.

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