Reborn as Spider Labs

Hello, everyone! It’s Hashimoto from Spider Labs. As of 6/17 (Wed), Phybbit has officially changed its name to Spider Labs along with the logo of our service, Spider AF! So for today’s article, I wanted to go over the road leading up to the rebranding of our logo.

Why did you change your company name?

The reason why we changed our company name from “Phybbit”, which we’ve used for the past 10 years since 2011, is because our main service “Spider AF” has become synonymous with us as a company. The name “Phybbit” originally came from our CEO, Ohtsuki-san, who studied “Physics” during her graduate studies and was a research member in the year of the “Rabbit”.

(Phybbit circa 2016, around 70% of our employees were engineers then)

At the time, for our main business, we were doing contract development while we dreamed of launching our own services someday. Our ideas like platforms aimed at B2C and 360-degree cameras were beginning to take shape and we continued to develop more of these ideas at a steady pace. We were able to develop a data analysis framework that automates corporate workflows that could also be used to tackle ad fraud. After some twists and turns, “Spider AF” was born about three years ago! As the demand for ad fraud measures increased with the development of digital advertising, we pivoted our business, and gradually over time, we were being recognized for the service name rather than the company name.

”Spider Labs” is a combination of “Spider AF” + “Laboratories”. “Spider AF” was developed in our Tokyo and Lisbon offices and we wanted to give the product a wow-factor when we gave it its name. The “labs” portion of the name is a reminder of how all of this started out from a physics research member.

About the symbol mark

Now that we have a name, next up is a logo. Trademark symbols are particularly important for companies because it represents that company’s identity. So, after gathering up many designs from within and outside our company, we decided on this X mark! The logo will be used as a base for the cybersecurity field, and the symbol itself contains 3 meanings.

1: Computer programming language

Our symbol consists of two regularly used symbols; the < and > captions. What this means is that we will continue to improve our current products and always provide our clients with satisfying value by writing new code and developing new cybersecurity software.

2: Spider

Our company’s identity is the Spider so this symbol represents a four-legged spider. The flexible logo allows for a wide variety of variations, creating powerful branding opportunities for us in the future.

3: Emblem

It represents a shield that protects users against fraud. It was inspired by the chevron. Chevrons are used to represent a military rank, but in French, it stands for rafters or roofs, which means protection.

Finishing up the logo

As we settled on a direction, what the next important thing was the font. At a glance, the fonts may look only a little different, but once you line them up, you can really see the sort of impact that it has with the logo. Fonts 1-3 were logos that we have been using for Spider AF up until now while 4-8 are new fonts. Since we were rebranding, we wanted to change our logo along with using a new font. In the end, it was between font 7 and 8 before we ultimately settled with the Archivo by Google font (#8).

Done! Or so we thought…

I was promoting websites and productions using the above logo for the time being, but I remembered that we needed this logo to give a strong impression when we actually put the logo on. So I ended up changing the main color of the logo from black (#000000) to dark gray (#3C3B40). Since the stickers we already have printed are black, aside from those we switched everything out with the new logo. This is really the end!

Spider AF also gets a new logo

Our service logo was also updated to standardize with everything else. For the font, we used the same font as “Spider Labs”. But for the trademark symbol, since it was very similar to a swastika, we were really worried about how to change it, so we ended up asking our employees on their thoughts!

As you can see from the results (everyone except for me went with option 3), we thought about using option 3 (the one that looks like a dartboard)… But to make it more compatible with the Spider Labs trademark, we ended up going with option 1! (Even though a majority voted for the other, sorry!) Similar to “Spider Labs”, we also change its color to dark grey.

Looking at how our Spider AF logo has changed, it really feels like the design has changed with the times. Since we’ve changed our logo 3 times in the past 3 years, it would be a relief to settle on a new logo and use it from now on.

I hear a lot of voices even within our company who like the previous logo, but I would be happy if everyone could understand the process and ideas that went into designing this new logo and learn to love it just a little more. The product that everyone has grown to love in the past few years is growing up, and I think it would be great if the company got bigger in the future. We have also created a brand guideline summarizing how to use the logo, so please download it from the media kit. 🙂

This is the end, but I want to thank our designers, Radu and Adolfo for all the support they’ve given!

Comment from Radu

The SpiderLabs logo evolved around the field the company represents which is cyber security. Main symbol is formed of a right and a left angle brackets, symbols that are typically used in computer programming language. It can also be interpreted as a 4 legged spider although this element isn’t the main idea of what I wanted to represent for this logo, but rather the approach of two shields, figures related directly to the security branch. The logo is flexible, allowing the usage of many variations with the aim of achieving a strong branding.

The concept for SpiderAF was created based on the logo of the sister company. My main motivation for choosing the eye as a distinctive element was the general feeling induced by ‘’Spider Labs” as a branch that is constantly pursuing alertness and caution.

Comment from Radu

Phybbit and Spider AF were often seen as different brands or companies. There was no visual connection between the two brands or something to easily identify one being part of the other. This was one of the biggest challenges and goals of this rebranding, in my opinion. To create a better connection between the two brands so it gets easier to identify Spider AF as a Spider Labs product and service.

We also wanted to create a simple, modern and easier to manage brand (for example, each brand got an updated color palette with only 3 primary colors and 4 secondary colors).

But most importantly, we wanted to create a brand that lasts in time helping the company to keep growing.