Premium Friday at Phybbit

The last Friday of the month can only mean one thing – Premium Friday at Phybbit!

Phybbit headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. Some of you may know that in Tokyo, the last Friday of the month is referred to as “Premium Friday”. Employees get off work early in order to enjoy their evening at home with family or a fun night out with friends. When Premium Friday was first introduced it was widely heralded in the media, but lately we haven’t heard many people talking about it.

It’s Become A Tradition At Phybbit

At Phybbit, Premium Friday continues to be celebrated every month. On the last Friday, we finish work at 3 pm. Then Premium Friday begins! But that doesn’t mean that everyone rushes off to the station. First, a monthly report is given by our CEO Satoko Ohtsuki.
Premium Friday at Phybbit in Tokyo
Things open up casually over drinks and snacks. Satoko shares the monthly report submitted to investors and shows the current status and progress of the company. We discuss the future of the company and the most important goals. This keeps the team on track and increases motivation.
Monthly Company Update
In addition, since drinks are thrown into the mix, you can dive into topics that are usually hard to talk about in the typical Japanese office setting. It’s a really great time to be around. More than anything, everyone can use this time to think more seriously about the future of the company and how to tackle important challenges. It’s an open and collaborative time.
time to party
After this hour long meeting the real fun begins! Depending on the person, some may stay in the office to keep drinking, start playing a game, catch a flick at the movie theater, or go out for dinner and drinks downtown. In this article, I’ll be talking about our Premium Fridays from July and August.

Summer Fun At The Beer Garden!

For July’s Premium Friday, we used the opportunity to welcome the newest members of our team – Mr. Komine (back office) and Tim (global sales) – over drinks at a beer garden in Ebisu. As expected, the beer hit the spot along with the steak and lobster!
The second spot of the night was at an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) next to Ebisu station. Since the summer heat was still pretty intense even at night, we asked for some lemon cocktail towers! But alas, they were gone before we knew it. As always, drinking continued on into the middle of the night. This day was no exception – with the party going until 3 am!

New T-shirts Mean the Perfect Premium Friday

For August’s Premium Friday, since new SpiderAF T-shirts just arrived, we kicked off the party with our logo “SpiderAF” in a familiar looking comic book font (wink-wink Spiderman). Haha. Drinking outside the office, many people zeroed in on our “Spider” logo. Talk about good advertising! We even played out first beer pong tournament at the office.
Team Photo
While some of us were playing beer pong, a few of the engineers were building new computers for the interns. They managed to complete 3 computers by the end of the beer pong tournament. No more slow PCs for our awesome interns! Premium Friday has become an indispensable event at our office. We enjoyed sharing this small piece of Phybbit’s culture with you. We can’t always be writing about digital ad fraud. 😉