The Creator of [SpiderAF]: An Interview with CTO Eurico Doirado – Part 2 –

Today we sat down to talk with the leader of the engineering team, and muscle behind [SpiderAF] – CTO Eurico Doirado! In the previous entry, we talked about his background and his reasons for coming to Japan. Now we’ll be going into what his impressions were like when he joined Phybbit, his thoughts on team-building, and more! Let’s start off by talking about how he learned about Phybbit! My first impression was that this was going to be a “Crazy Adventure!” Developing games was a fun experience, but I had very strong thoughts on creating my own business. After I left the previous company, I started to work as a…

Premium Friday at Phybbit

In this blog post we give you a small peak of the company culture here at Phybbit in Tokyo. We’re working hard to build a modern company with happy and engaged employees.