Ad fraud

Phybbit and Fluct SSP

Phybbit Begins Providing Ad Fraud Detection Tool SpiderAF to Fluct SSP

Fluct SSP will also participate in the Shared Blacklist, joining major companies in Japan sharing ad fraud data! Phybbit Ltd. (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Satoko Ohtuski) has just begun providing its AI-equipped ad-fraud detection and reporting tool SpideAF to Fluct Ltd.’s SSP (Tokyo, Minato-ku, CEO: Ken Doi). Digital ad fraud is the act of stealing advertising revenue by manipulating digital ads, such as click fraud for display ads. With significant advancement and sophistication over the years, awareness has grown along with its recognition as an industry-wide problem. Up until recently, Fluct has conducted its own fraud prevention and whitelist, but after introducing Phybbit’s ad-fraud detection and reporting tool SpiderAF, their initiatives have strengthened. Using our machine learning algorithm, they are able to weed out…

Ad Fraud Whitepaper July 2019

According to Phybbit’s New Ad Fraud Whitepaper, 18.9% of Traffic in Japan was Fraud in 2019

Get the latest findings on digital ad fraud in the Japanese market from Phybbit! Phybbit Ltd. (Tokyo Minato-ku, CEO: Satoko Ohtsuki) has just released it’s latest Ad Fraud Whitepaper for July 2019. As the market leader in Japan for ad fraud detection and reporting, over 455 billion data results are analyzed using SpiderAF. (The data recorded for this report was conducted from January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019). Download the latest ad fraud whitepaper here: Being the second time that we’ve conducted this report, the purpose of this report is to let our readers have a better understanding of all issues relating to digital advertising and the current…