How to detect ad fraud through a spread sheet.

It is predicted that around 20% of the worlds digital ad spend is falling victim to ad fraud, with an estimated $3 trillion in 2019 alone. Preventing ad fraud not only protects your advertising budget, but also significantly improves your ROAS by allowing you to properly measure the true effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Here’s how to you can detect ad fraud for free from “SpiderAF”, an expert in ad fraud prevention. Understand the realities of fraud and optimize your bottom line with real users and analysis based on the right data.

Tokyo-Based Phybbit, Ltd., Partners with Digital Forensics and Legal Firm TMI Privacy & Security, Ltd., to Prosecute Ad Fraud

TMI will Provide the Expertise Needed to Ensure Evidence Meets Legal Court Requirements Tokyo-based Phybbit, Ltd., developer of SpiderAF anti-advertising fraud software, has joined forces with digital forensics experts TMI Privacy & Security to gather and preserve court-approved admissible evidence needed to prosecute ad fraud. According to Phybbit’s analysis of the Japanese market, out of 61 million mobile installs in the six months between July and December 2019, 9.96 million installs or approximately 16.3%, were found to be fraudulent, an estimated loss of $45.5 million USD to the advertising industry. Phybbit will incorporate the legal evidential guidelines and parameters into the AI component of its unique SpiderAF ad fraud countermeasure…

Ad fraud in OTT advertising

Over-the-Top (OTT) refers to any audio, video, or other media that is delivered over the internet, without a multiple-system operator in control over the distribution of the content.

What is China’s ‘Wool Party’?

With more than 800 million users, unique farms are emerging in urban areas in the world’s largest smartphone market – China. Their produce? Ad fraud.